Wednesday , February 24 2021

Leva 11, 76 billion will go for pensions and social benefits next year

Deputies in a hot scandal because of the debate under Art. 1 of the State Social Security

Next year's Social Security Budget will be nearly 11, 76 billion leva. Of these, there will be 9.9 billion payments for pensions. This was adopted in re-reading by the deputies with Art voting. 1 for a combined SSS budget. The debate began shortly after 9 pm, although it was only for Science that wanted to vote on Art. 1, and the rest of the law waiting for tomorrow. You want to stimulate everything in the dark and fool in the opposition with a false and silent reading of the law and not to hear what we voted on. It's easy for you because you do not think, just voting for, "says the Georgian Gikov MP BSP at the GERB, but his offer was not accepted.

DPS has suggested that the money is raised by another leva 150m to re-calculate pensions of 5.7% from April and not on June 1 as planned. However, he was rejected.

The BSP offered the money to raise almost a billion. Amongst their proposals, the highest insurance threshold was 3900 BGN, BGN 640 minimum wage and a maximum BGN 1560 pension, which was also not supported.

"O GERB, you're tired and going to elections, they did not tell Bulgarian citizens that they will increase their unsafe maximum income," said Red Dragomir Stoynev and stressed that the BSP offered him be 3900 leva. Vladimir Toshev of the GERB replied immediately, that the minimum wage in 2009 was 240 excellent, and now it's 510 leva. It's still even worse after 10 years of GERB control, Stoynev counters.

The main legal commission, Danail Kirilov, asked Stoynev to be punished for the word cowards. What you are saying is that we are listening for 9 hours to repeat BSP speakers, Kirilov asked.

And there were only arguments on Article 1 for more than an hour and a half, and a rest of 15 minutes were needed to cool the scrubs in the plenary session. Shortly thereafter, it became a scandal again, and the reason was that Pavel Shopov statesman demanded the end of the debate. But it was angered the red ones who wanted to talk. Ten MPs were summarized immediately to Tsvya Karaiancheva, National Assembly Spokesman, but she was firm and gave a vote at the end of the debate. MEPs from the BSP immediately listed all members of the parliamentary group. Now, as I have a list, I will give the floor to everyone, says Karayancheva. Procedural cuts and even the title of the law continued subject to reform.

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