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Juve did not surprise another and was 1/8-finals in the Champions League + VIDEO


Italian Hegemon Juventus has secured the final 1/8 in the Champions League for the fifth consecutive season. This happened after a 1: 0 difficult victory over Valencia in Turin.

Mario Manjukic scored the only goal in the game in the 59 minutes after the excellent assistants of Cristiano Ronaldo. Otherwise, the Allianz Stadium game was just as good and the guests had their chances but could not benefit.

With success, Juve collected 12 points, while the "bats" stuck 5 points and went to Europa League. Manchester United is 10th in the second place, Young Boys is at the bottom with 1 point. In the last round, Juve is in Switzerland and Valencia receives Mestaya "red devils". The only question is who will win the group – the Italians or the English.

Italian coach Max Alegri returned to take 4-3-3 after 4-4-2 in the last round in Serie A against Spar Ferrara (2: 0). Waitschech Skinsni weekend, Giorgio Chielenni Sadwrn, Joao Cassello and Paulo Diballa began a weekend. The same is true of Bless Matthew, who came from the bench at that meeting.

On the door of Valencia, Netto stood. The two Brazilian seasons were retained by the legendary Gianluigi Buffon in Turin. Rodrigo and Santi Mina were assaulted, who had 6 goals in the last 5 games, including two in the Champions League 3: 1 over Young Boys.

The game started with a powerful start on Cristiano Ronaldo. The first one came out, and the second sold to Netto to kill. Mario Manjukic then claimed a penalty twice, but they were not respected by the chief Scottish judge William Culum.

In mid-half, Juventus raises the speed. Paolo Diballa showed a great look and Alex Sandro led the left wing. The Brazilian nation focused on Ronaldo, who hit it, but an inch of the goal. Valencia responded to the 28 minutes when Daniel Vas crashed, but at the door.

At the end of half time, the "bats" did not lead as a miracle. Mukhtar Diacabi scored a powerful head after killing corner and Vojcech Scezni with a great interference with his left hand shot.

In the 59 minutes the logic happened and Juve organized. Joao Cansela, with a stunning track, found Ronaldo. The five-time Golden Ball winner stimulated Gabriel Paulist and dropped a piece alongside the goal. There, Mario Manjukic, the stupid Mario, could not make a mistake and with one touch Netto survived at 1: 0!

Valencia scored 120 seconds later. After focusing on a foul, Diacabi came into the door of Schesni, but by the way the judge was not passed and the goal was not counted. In the 68 minutes, Dibala held a little under the top beam, but Netto beat. Later Cristiano hit his head from the corner, but again the goalkeeper managed to rescue.

By the end, there was no new goal that won Juve 1-0.

Juventus – Valencia 1-0

Golfer: Manjukic (59)

Juventus: Understand, Alex Sandro (46-Quadrado), Chiellini, Bonuci, Canseelo, Matuyidi, Pianic, Bentankour, Diballa (79-Costa), Ronaldo, Manjukic
Trainer: Max Allegri

Valencia: (72-Soler), Guedees, Koklen, Mine (67-Batshuai), Rodrigo (46-Gamayro), Gia, Diacabi,
Trainer: Marcelino

Turin, "Allianz Stadium"
Judge: William Culum (Scotland)
Yellow cards: Bentankour, Quadrado, Matthew (Juventus); Gaia, Kondogbia, Diacabi, Gedesh, Battshuai (Valencia)

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