Sunday , August 7 2022

Jacob's legacy brought 100 million against HBO


Michael Jackson Rangers filed a $ 100 million compensation claim against HBO TV, who is preparing to broadcast the "Leaving Neverland" document for sexually unsafe sexually assaulted by the singer.

The claim contains 53 pages and it will be filed with the Supreme Court of Los Angeles. Here, the heirs sign up the AT & T TV itself for breaking a contract for "not burial"; which was signed by The King of Pop Music in 1992. They do not insist that the "Leaving Neverland" document should not be broadcast.

Despite the proxy party, HBO has confirmed that March 2 and 3 will begin to broadcast the film, which was presented last month at the Sundance Film Festival.

"It will help everyone to judge the movie and their own allegations," tell the TV.

"Michael Jackson is innocent." – says the application for heirs.

"In 2005, Jacko was tried and deleted by the jury," they remember.

The HBO document contains the evidence of two 30-year-olds who claim to have had a sexual assault by Michael Jackson in his Neverland estate. This started when they were seven and ten years in turn.

In 1993, one of the 13-year-old victims filed a trial. The case was terminated for $ 15 million in compensation. In 2005, the singer was prosecuted in Santa Barbara for attacking another minor, but was released.

Michael Jackson died on June 25, 2009 of an overdose.

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