Saturday , May 28 2022

It's incredible what a man will be Yana Marinova – Blitz will do it


The man of Yana Marinova, Tahomir Vinchev, goes to John Rambo's shoes for the scenes of the battle of the fifth title of the series – "Last Blood," wrote the Monior.

This is not the first Hollywood engagement of the choreographer and here's a few months ago a major production at Hellboy mega-production. In the fifth film, "Rambo", Vinchev will replace Sylvester Stallone himself in more physical scenes by experimenting his skills by spinning the key of the green beret for "Last Blood" – the "Heart-Stopper").

Rambo 5's photos in Sofia began early last month, but most of the work on the movie would be moved to the Canary Islands. Slai spent more than a month in our country, even having a pack of a family inspired by the tape. The "Rambo" inscription jacket with a jacket painted with the beret that the actor finds after receiving by his relatives is now available to big user Swist franchise fans will be able to wear $ 150, with orders coming from the official base of the star. Some of the Stallone Jackets are asking to give veterans from America.

Adrien Grunberg, "Last Blood", directed by Adrian Grnberg, will make its first priority in the world in 2019, with the exact date unpublished. Ten years after Rambo included the latest on the big screen, many thought if the audience was still interesting by the adventures of the hero. The interest, turning out, is great, with distribution rights being purchased for over 35 countries. On the Bulgarian side, Tandem will look after the "Last Blood" classification in cinemas.

We also remember the story briefly too. John Rambo tries to lead a normal lifestyle, retiring his "cave" (as Sly-ba says) in a Arizona ranch. However, his peaceful life is shaken when a close friend asks help because his wife has disappeared during a party in Mexico. Stallone's hero takes the case straight away and his back will keep a journalist (PAS Vega), whose sister is also kidnapped.

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