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Ishtar celebrates 20 years on stage with a concert in Plovdiv – Culture and art


With a concert, only in Plovdiv, on November 24 at SIAA Hall, Israeli singer Eti Zah, known as Ishtar, will be celebrating 20 years on stage, announced by the organizers.

The residents of Plovdiv and the city's guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a unique unexpected show. For part of his program, Ishtar shares in an interview, after distributing to the media, that he has included a Bulgarian song that will sing in a duet with a famous Bulgarian star. Her repertoire for Plovdiv includes brand new songs as well as old albums.

Ishtar was born on November 10, 1968, in Kiriath Ata, Israel, with the mother of the Egyptian and Moroccan dad, both Jews. She speaks and sings in Arabic, Hebrew, French, Spanish, Bulgarian, Russian and English as well as Moroccan. He started his career as a 14-year-old singer and was even singing at his service in the Israeli Defense Force. He chooses the name of Ishtar, which means the Mesopotamian goddess of love and war. After visiting France, he decided to live there.

In Plovdiv, Ishtar will come with all the family, including her two children. Her daughter plays drums and the singer has not yet decided whether she will be on stage with her. Ishtar has said that there will be a huge pair of Tel Aviv dancers and visual effects specialists, an LED screen that will "take" her beautiful memories and songs.

In the case of the toilets, the singer has emphasized that she will have new clothes in her designs but adds that other designers are in her wardrobe that combines something personal.

"I like the combination in principle, and I do it in music through modern, sensual and charming combinations," Ishtar adds.

Ishtar adds that he is practicing yoga, and for energy he receives a banana and honey, emphasizing that he does not eat before a concert, and before speaking on stage he does not speak a lot to keep her voice

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