Tuesday , August 9 2022

Indjov: A CSKA Arena for Grisha Ganchev, we decide about a new stadium


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CSKA shareholder – Julian Indjov, made comments on the events related to the transfer of the company "Arera CSKA" to Grissha Ganchev – Iskra Grigorova.

A report shows that the company concerned is involved in the management of construction and investment projects, refurbishment of sports facilities, and so on.

"Yes, the company has been transferred and this can be seen in the Commercial Register, and you are looking for Mr. Grisha Ganchev for the follow up work, and you have to asked about the possible construction work, "said Indjov Sports Sport.

Grisha Ganchev has ambitious plans to destroy the Bulgarian Army and replace it with a modern facility for 30 million euros. Its capacity will be between 25 and 30 thousand. The stadium will be part of Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and Romania's bid for Euro 2028, the 2030 World Cup t or Euro 2032.

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