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In the top to the back: Apple dropped $ 300 billion of record capital

After the big technology, Apple joined the news headlines in August, becoming the first US company (and the second in the world at all), it had a market capitalization of 1 trillion . the media now find it difficult to report on the negative trends in its value and the continuous downturn.

The Cupertino company hit the bill bill on August 2, 2018, and two months later, on October 3, it earned $ 1.1 trillion. dollar. Then, however, his shares began to become cheaper. So Apple left November with a market capitalization of 1,055 trillion. dollar, and so far its value has dropped to 817.5 billion dollars.

O record 1.1 trillion. dollar so far the company has eliminated a total of almost $ 300 billion to capitalize.

But why?

On this logical line here is the next suggestion for bad results. In recent years, Apple has decided to respond to the speed of slowing down the mobile market with rising prices for the items. This helped to keep its income high, but the question is how long this formula will achieve positive results. "I believe that the real concern of investors is how long it can catch," said Angelo Zino, an analyst at CFRA. The cheapest brand phone is sold for about $ 750, for example.

Given the expectation that the smartphone market will continue to gather, analysts say that companies like Apple will also be developing a new business for the future. In the case of Cupertino cupertino, it's about services such as ApplePay, AppleMusic and AppStore, which is hoped to become a next growth engine, says the BBC. The aim of the company is to attract revenue of around $ 50 billion in 2020. There are also huge ambitions in the direction of the health and film industry, where plans are even more blurred. All of this means that investors do not stop being confident about the ability of the company to do this quickly.

"If we know that the sale of iPhone models will be equal or more and there is nothing else to compensate for this, of course, there are reasons for worrying," said analyst at Creative Strategies, a market research company quoted by the British edition.

However, he notes that it is still too early to draw conclusions. Milansei explains that he will be more concerned if the service business has not taken the ascending curve expected by the analysts yet after one year.

Finally but not least, the geopolitical problem between the United States and China. The collision between the two countries suffers from the whole technology sector, including Afan as huge. The location of the company is influenced by currency variations and increasing interest rates. In addition, it should be noted that the iPhone maker has its own centers in China.

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