Sunday , August 14 2022

Illegal Trading on Wall Street following the publication of the Ffed :: protocol


Wall Street Trade following the announcement of the Fed's protocol

Photo: Reuters

Wall Street trading was volatile on Wednesday after the announcement minutes of the last Federal Reserve meeting, with indexes still showing small progress, CNBC was reported. The key message continues that a central bank will be patient about hikes interest rates in the future.

Low chip benchmark Dow Jones has increased by 0.24%. Wide metric S & P 500 moving up by 0.18%. Technological Nasdaq He managed to raise a 0.03% moderate, stating a strike strike eight days.

The Fed's report emphasizes the risks to the economy, including the possibility of slowing down higher than expected in global economic growth, especially in China and Europe, a rapid reduction in stimulus financial or withdraw financial conditions in the market.

Some investors may be encouraged by normalizing the bank's balance sheet at the Ffede meeting.

The Cboe Volatility Index (VIX), which was considered the best measure of market fear, was 5.7% to 14 points.

After the January January meeting, the main indexes increased by more than 4%.

Officials of the United States and Chinese began a new round of Tuesday talks, and I will expect the next senior level meeting later this week. President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he could extend the deadline for an agreement after March 1 stating that it was not a magical date. Extending the current time limit would prevent an increase in Chinese import duties of $ 200 billion from 10% to 25%.

"We expect some conditional approach, but it is likely that uncertainty about bilateral discussions will continue, especially for important structural issues such as intellectual property," said Vincent Mortiere of Amundi Asset Management.

US pharmaceutical company shares CVS Health has dropped more than 8% after lower profit prospects than expected in 2019. The main reason for this is to complete the Aetna health insurer in November 2018 for almost $ 70 billion.

Profitability on US government's ten bonds ten years around 2.68%.

During hours & evenings the euro 0.04% rose to 1.1345 dollars.

Future on US crude oil WTI their price increased from 1.48% to 56.92 dollars per barrel. The variety Brent 0.99% increased to 67.11 dollars dollar. Aur but had refused, although with at least 0.06% to 1344 dollars a single time.

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