Thursday , February 25 2021

IKEA removes 45,000 dangerous types from the market

Today, IKEA's Swedish furniture company announced that it was pulling around 45,000 bending boards sold around the world as there is a risk that their board will leak, says the company.

"The removal refers to the Glavarp white masks sold only after 1 January 2017," said IKEA in a statement.

Mull removal also affects the market in Bulgaria as the company encourages consumers to buythe product in IKEA, where
the money for the purchase will be fully repaid or will be able
put in place another similar product
. "You do not have to put back money against repayment
or replace the product, "they add.

"The withdrawal is unlikely to drop out and drop the help rails, but IKEA gives additional attention to the safety of its customers and so it is removed by the relevant items," says Cindy Andersen, Business Manager, Kitchen and Eating, IKEA Sweden.

The message comes after about 50 warnings to users who have been notified when they delete and drop the mass extension board. Six people were injured, three of whom needed "medical care," said company spokesman Therese Fagerstedt at the French press.

There are 45,563 units of Glavarp forces sold worldwide since January 2017 – at a price of 249 euros each (199 euros for the smallest model), the company said.

Owners of the glivarp worldwide are invited to return to the stores to be compensated.

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