Saturday , January 16 2021

How can iron in your menu change your life?

If you're experiencing a lack of energy, if your regular visits to the gym have decreased and you're postponed to the idea of ​​going to a new healthier diet, then then a way to help you yourself. You have to add iron to your menu and it will give you a great boost, making you feel more active and happy.

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You can add iron in your diet if you use enough foods that are rich in this ore, such as red meat, mussels, turkey, tofu, spinach and pulses, says

Here are 11 reasons why this mineral is so useful for your health and spirit:

1. Iron gives energy

A major iron task is to help build red blood cells that transport oxygen through the body, giving it energy. If you're feeling disassembled, you're less likely to go to the gym, and when you have good energy levels, you'll be more motivated to sport .

2. Iron will help you to eat healthier

Tiredness can make some more appetite for sweet and / or unhealthy foods. When we're tired, we have a greater risk of hitting the chips, the waffles and the pizza. However, if, in our body, iron levels are good, we would not feel tired and more likely to keep eating more healthy.

3. Iron improves mood

If you feel pain or are stopped, there may be low levels of iron in your body, as these minerals are essential to the health of the brain. Without enough iron, the brain can not produce hormones such as serotonin, which increases mood.

4. Iron improves immunity

If you have an iron deficit, your immune system will suffer and you can catch flu and cold more often. Iron promotes immune protection that protects us from diseases and infections.

5. Iron will make you more relaxed

If your body tissues do not get enough oxygen, it can cause a feeling of anxiety. So, if you use iron through your food or by supplements, you will be less emotional.

6. Your skin will be in a better shape

Good body levels in the body contribute to a better oxygen supply to the skin, which will make it smooth and smooth. On the other hand, low levels of iron make your face skin bad.

7. Your hair will also look lively and thick

Oxygen stimulates the growth and recovery of hair cells and without it your hair can start to fall. So, if you see more hair on your brush, ask yourself if you have enough iron.

8. Your nails will also be healthier

Oils need oxygen to keep them healthy so that they become short and fragile if there is a lack of these minerals.

9. You will have better circulation of blood

If your hands and feet are consistently cold even indoors, it may be a sign that you need more iron, as the oxygen that can not reach your members is enough. Iron helps blood flow in the body.

10. Be focused easier

The brain uses up to 25% of the oxygen in the body, so it can not work properly without it. So, if you do not have enough iron, it may be difficult for you to remember things or have a concentration problem.

11. Iron stops headache

If your brain does not get enough oxygen, it can lead to pressure that feels like a headache.

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