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Hollywood hardship comes out of the prison and the stars are shivering – Curious – News about lifestyle, style, diet, fashion t


The whole world is looking forward to stunning disclosures by private detective Anthony Pelicano. A few days ago, the 75-year-old man, called Hollywood stars stars, came out of the hole.

In 2008, he was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for unauthorized filming and tracking.

Pelicanano has helped many world-famous people to keep their reputation blameless. Arnold Schwarzenegger would never become a California governor if the detective did not hide his crimes.

Pelicano believes that many stars are afraid to release it, as it can reveal many interesting things from their past.

Before he was behind the bars, Anthony worked in a luxury office on Sunset Boulevard. There he made all his client's problems disappear and he was gathering trade-offs.

In Los Angeles prison, he admitted that he had saved a lot from his work. Tom Cruise was his client, and then a wife of James Simpson to his death … Pelikan's services were also looking for Sylvester Stallone, Courtney Lav, Stephen Spielberg, Chris Cock, and others.

Michael Jackson was also in his office asking him to help him understand the Chandler family, who blamed him for sexual harassment over their 13-year-old son. Jacko later paid the 17 million detective and gave him a new car. During the investigation, Anthony understood some very interesting things about the King of Pop, which forced him to interrupt all relationships with the contractor.

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