Sunday , November 29 2020

He lost the victory in Florence in the 101 minutes + VIDEO

Inter was just a minute to leave with three points from Florence, but only one after the 3: 3 draw was finally taken. The duel was quite bizarre and even scary, as the "violet" was equal to a penalty in the 10th minute. Jordan Verretu came the point to the army, but television repetitions did not show that Danilo d & # 39; Ambroseo plays by hand after Federico Kieza's fierce focus.

Otherwise, the "nerraduri" led 3: 1 to 74 minutes, even though they had scored their own goal after 17 seconds of play through Stefan De Fry. However, Matthias Vesino (6), Matteo Politano (41) and Ivan Perissic (52 g) came to a comfortable front to Nerazzur. Luis Muriel gave his team a chance in the 74 minutes after being blamed for Kristiano Birghi's goal just before. However, Verretu returned, in the wheels of Artemio Franky with a cold blow in the 101th minute.

Therefore, Inter failed to regain his 4-point leader in front of Milan against Milan. "Nerazzurri" stays third in the site with 47 points, but only two in front of the "Rossoneri". Fiorentina is in the 9th place with 36.

The duel started in a perfect way for the army that led after only 17 seconds of play. Federico Kieza quickly concentrated on the right wing and tried to find Giovanni Simeone, but Stefan de Fry first got to the ball and … put it in his door.

Harassment was not disturbed and returned quickly. In the 6 minutes, the "Nerazzurri" did not perform well with a corner kick, but Raja Ningollan returned the ball to the penalty area, and Matthias Vesino with a nice blast of the sky punished his ex-team – 1: 1.

He followed a risk in front of both doors, and in the 41 minutes Mateo Politano scored an excellent second goal for Inter. He received the right bonebone to the right, it had a left foot space and a nice rectangle to the linear 2: 1.

Ten minutes after restarting the game, Inter took the third shot. The Adjudicator served with VAR to see playing Edmilsson playing in his penalty area. Ivan Perissic made his way to shoot a penalty and control it cool for 3: 1.

After 61 minutes, Fiorentina thought the result was reduced after goal by Cristiano Birgi. But he was canceled because of Luis Muriel's assault.

The Colombian still exists after 74 minutes, when he scored a perfect free kick. The "Violets" pressed the idea to catch up and in 86 minutes Kieza was an inch to do. The wings are turned to the left and fired at the left side with a left leg. Handanovich stayed alone and saw the ball slaming the side beam.

The play at the end was complete. The Chief Provider gave a 7 minute sequence and in the 6th form a penalty was punished against D 'Ambrosio in his penalty box. Here, come VERY into force, and after long disputes, the judge confirmed his decision – Fiorentina fountain. However, television repetitions did not show that Inter defender had been played with him. Ambrosio welcomed Cheese concentrating with her chest, but the Adjudicator was definitely. Otherwise, Jordan Veret realized coldly and brought Fiorentina's equality.

Fiorentine – Between 3: 3

1: 0 goal Stefan De Fry 1 & # 39; -hun

1: 1 Matthias Vesino 6 & # 39;

1: 2 Matteo Politano 41 & # 39;

1: 3 Ivan Perisic 52 & -39; -d

2: 3 Luis Muriel 74 & # 39;

3: 3 Jordan Verretu 90 + 11 & # 39;

Fiorentine: Lafoni, Laurini (79 – Dabo), Chekerini, Hugo, Birgari, Benassi (58), Fernandez, Veretou, Kieza, Gerson, Simeone

Inter: Chandanovic, Dalbert (62 – Asamoa), Shrinnyar, De Fry, Ambrosio, Vesino, Brozowicz, Politano (77 – Kanreva), Nangolan (89 – Valero), Perisig, Martinez

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