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Hamilton in front of Botas in the second rehearsal


Lewis Hamilton
Lewis Hamilton, photo: Genev Spas

By Ivan Tenchev, our special candidate in Monaco

Lewis Hamilton surpassed his team member at Mercedes-Benz Motors in the second drill on Monaco's streets. At the same time, their competitors stayed well behind. Third result records Sebastian Vettel with Ferrari, at 0.763 seconds! then Pierre Gusley with Red Bull, and Alex Albon with Toro Rosso.

Max Verstapen stayed six with the second Red Bull, who complained about lack of grip and underwear everywhere. Behind him was Kevin Magnusen with Haas and drivers Alfa Romeo Josivinci and Kimi Raikkonen.

It was only a tenth time when local pet Charles Lökler spoke on the radio about constant stopping problems with his Ferrari. Once again Scuderia pilots made 2 series with the smallest tires, while Mercedes had tested in this training and 1 set was harder. With them they were also very fast. Then they recorded the best times with soft and started the long series with more fuel.

McLaren pilots were expected to work for the first time due to the loss of Carlos Sainz in the first.

He did not record a fast lap in the morning, there was a problem charging the batteries.

At 34 degrees of asphalt, the teams had the opportunity to try out the work of the other tires with the exception of the soft soft (C5) they worked with through the morning. Only the Toro Rosso and Racing Point pilots used a different set of tires – the first medium and the second hard in the first 90 minutes.

In fact, most of the racers started this second session with mid and hard, but again, Ferrari's pilots were soft, the third set to both. Toro Rosso also had soft tires and Alex Albon was at the top of the first few minutes.

He did 5-6 lap and exceeded Ferrari pilots. Hamilton and Botas started with a media later, while Gusley and Verstapen were also new to their cars.

With a median in the 4th round of their work, Botas was at the top of the rankings, surpassing Alonso and Ferrari with softness. Vettel recorded his best time in his 8th lap, but Botas managed to raise his speed in the 6th round. Only 66 thousand were in contact with him, warming his medium, and after one other lap he headed the 33-mil-ounce table before his colleague!

They made 10-11 rounds in this first series. Meanwhile, Lökler stopped in boxing after only 8 times while Vettel 11. He Vertapano stayed in traffic and grasped the cards, but eventually recorded the third time behind Mercedes drivers. Just after him was Gusley, and Ferrari's pilots continued to work by installing a new, second-class soft set.

Vettel recorded a new best time – 1: 11881 minutes, but only 45,000 times better than Hamilton's with medium!

And with the second pair of soft things, however, he did not work for Lökler, which was a sixth time, which was even overtaken by the Jovini with the Alpha. Lökler complained to the radio that there were constant stopping problems, and Vettel felt uneven.

Almost half way through the training, 50 minutes before the end, Hamilton and Botas gave new soft packs and Walter immediately took 0.284 seconds better than Vettel! After another 2 lap went down to 1: 11.275 mins. Hamilton was in traffic at the start of his new soft series but in his 6th tour he recorded the new best time in the training – 1: 11.245 with 0.03 sec better than Botas.

The Finn has raised its speed in a long 10-lap series, and has overtaken 46,000. On the new smooth asphalt, the speed and softness seemed to improve. Lewis stopped the tires at the first turn of Saint-Denis and had to stop in the safety zone, which was not good news. However, it also recorded knee time from the 10th-line and top of the sites – 1: 11,118 minutes, with 0.081 seconds earlier than Botas.

There was a break in the boxing, as Lewis said he needed a new left-hand balance with fuel for the traditional series for the Sunday race much lower. Amongst them, Vettel stopped in Saint-Denis, but he also had the opportunity not to hit the mantelins. Mercedes' drivers have returned to the long series to the medium, in preparation for Sunday.

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