Thursday , May 26 2022

Grossman: She does not give her the best on Barcelona – Soccer World – Spain


The star Atletico Madrid, Antoine Grisman, admitted that Barcelona's best is not easy. The Frenchman has revealed that Diego Simeone has an important role to play in his team in the Spanish capital.

"It was a difficult decision that I had to do. Barcelona wanted me and it's not easy to give it up. I was constantly calling from Barcelona, ​​send me messages, talking to my family's representatives. Some of the Barcelona players also called or left clear messages through the media. They showed me how important and I was doing a lot of effort to take On the other hand, we have Atletico Madrid. The club's heads and Diego Simeone made me at the heart of their project, and they also made huge efforts to keep me, to show me how important I & # 39. The team has greatly increased my award and have achieved all my wishes, "said Grossman in an interview with the Canal Football Club.

"Simeone played an important role and changed my initial decision. Simeone and fellow members were those who made me make the decision to stay at Atletico Madrid. After last season's game (against Aubar) simeone My teammates are surprised to visit my home. They talk to me and entertain me, "added the French.

"Being a team of Messi team would have been great, but my colleagues and Atletico Madrid did everything they could keep me – they were talking to me several times, increasing my wages. Simeone made everything possible to show It was my Athletic home and I should not leave, "said Antoine Grizzman.

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