Sunday , August 7 2022

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We live on flat land. I almost tried. Giordano Bruno to be silent and do not know a lot. But it's not scared. It does not die. Jordano has no say.

At the same time, we live in empty land. And babies know that there are holes in the poles that go into the lower ground. I have no idea how the ground is empty and flat, but that's not my job. Like yours!

There may be very few people who know that there is an internal sun inside the ground, but there is. I've seen a picture on Facebook. Scheme. Dinosaurs live there because they have returned from world deficit and surrendered to the internal sun. How else do you explain their disappearance?

However, the moon is not known what it is. It can be flat, it may be complete but certainly there is a backup side. Aliens live there. There are pyramids, sphinsi and crystalline cities. A clip has been taken by cosmons. How to shoot it so that no-one has ever stepped into the moon as a mystery. The clip saw a friend, but he disposed of.

Cancer is devised by doctors. Make money, and people to die. How to make money from people die – they know, but do not spoil it. We all know drinking urine can do things, but it does not allow urine to drink in hospitals. Guns.

They're our accident with cashmir. Those of the world's secret government. These heavy metals, these light metals, are even heavy heavy metals. This is in order not to multiply. However, we multiply. See population statistics on the ground. On the same, the apartment. However, those of the world's government are not poisoned for two reasons – they are either immune or breathing.

Oh, when I said that I was immunized, I remembered, "They are our poisoning with vaccines, but they kill us, that, as we all know, makes mafia and world reptiles in aprons White.

Also a small bug has not been deleted. Plus not dead. I have not seen a dog that dies in my whole life? A you?

We all know that people can eat the sun. Tested by jutsu. However, we scratch with food. They make us deliberately eat to die. Maffia & the world, of course.

Go naked to the waist and eat to the fullest. Even if you're overweight with the sun, it's not scared. Put sun glasses and lose weight on your own.

AIDS is a fictional disease. It does not exist. This gives the opportunity to research with people. This is where the aliens have their finger. The same aliens who are ready to beat 100,000 light years to confuse an overdue pastoral bowel.

And now for measles. It is not a disease that is immunized for a bite. Did humanity die without vaccines? Or all humanity may have been dying since black holes that could be so black. Stephen Hawking was about to tell the truth, but his mouth had stopped. Think a bit?


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