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Ferrari's silence can bring them to the title


Sebastian Vettel
Sebastian Vettel, photo: Ferrari

Cure the Ferrari team could bring them this year. This is what Ross Armstrong is responsible for the sport of Formula One. Last season, Scuderia had the fastest car in many races, but team mistakes, and especially Sebastian Vettel, led to losing the two titles.

Brown was a long-term technical director of Ferrari. According to him, this year in the Scuderia will be stronger than the previous one and more than being able to win the title. The new SF90 car has won the best test times in Barcelona. But Mercedes was very close to its speed.

"With the team's peace now, they have every chance to win this year's championship," said Brown. "There was a mess in the team last year after Markieon died and the atmosphere to work there was not easy.

And if you want to beat Hamilton and Mercedes, you have to be at the top of all. I believe this year's Ferrari will be stronger than them. "

Ross noted that Ferrari had problems with reliability during the winter training. According to him, in Mercedes, they tend to be fast but they will find the correct route during term time.

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Ross Brown

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