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Ferrari has made millions of euros unique – Technology


Ferrari presented the latest creation to the Special Projects division. He spoke eloquently about the work under his hat. The design of the P80 / C has been inspired by the extreme P3 / P4 and Dino 206 S. t

Both models have been inspired in sports prototypes from the 1960s, the period in which Ferrari dominates in Le Mans and other endurance competitions. Ferrari argues that P80 / C is the product of the longest development process of any unique model produced today. Work commenced in 2015 at the previous Centro Stile.

This is the most expensive new car in the world. The cost is EUR 16.5 million

The new design center, which created Monza SP1 and Monza SP2, was opened in September 2018. It has over 100 designers and engineers working on it. The Chassis Department, the Tailor Made with the Atelier, are located under one roof, in Viale Enzo Ferrari, in the center of Ferrari Ferrari factory in Maranello.

The unique model is custom made and there will be no other car of this kind. It is done for the track side only. At the heart of the P80 / C stands the 488 GT3, powered by a V8 3.9 liter machine. Dynamic parameters for the P80 / C are not reported but in the racing car the central engine generates 650 hp.

In this case, the customer has asked Ferrari to extend the wheel wheel, which has asked for innovative design solutions, but the Dino 206 S and 250 LM models are also forgotten.

The Ferrari P80 / C is Carbon. At the back is a huge wings and spreader. The interior is typical of racing cars, while track driving requires a sequential transfer, probably from Xtrac.

There will certainly be no second Ferrari P80 / C. The company's price is not specified, but given the fact that the SP1 Monza costs 1.6 million euros, the P80 / C will certainly be higher than the amount t that, even more.

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