Tuesday , August 9 2022

Facebook is a cryptoLight cooking and its network of traders


Facebook has spoken to dozens of financial companies and internet marketers to help the social network run its payroll system, the key to cryptoLight, writes The Wall Street Journal, quoting sources.

If the effort is successful, it threatens to change the Internet trading market significantly and it will become the most popular use of crypto data so far.

Initiatives have been working for more than a year. At the heart of Libra Libra Project, a digital piece that users can send together, shop on the social network as well as on other websites.

There are few barriers to the project. For the time being, cryptoLights are not widely used as a means of payment, and the numerous scandals around Facebook make the moment tender. However, the Social Network has 1,562 billion active users, giving it a huge scale.

Can Facebook start borrowing?

Can Facebook start borrowing?

According to Barclays analyst, this opportunity is quite real with the release of a new CryptoLogic Coin Facebook

Mark Zuckerberg has already started discussions with Visa, Mastercard, and others looking for a total of $ 1 billion of investments to support the value of the crypto flag and protect it from the volatility of the digital coins. remaining.

Facebook also talks to companies in internet marketing and applications that also receive coins.

We don't hear about the project for the first time. In December, Bloomberg announced that Facebook is working on a digital piece for use in the WhatsApp app and to be a method of sending money.

Users can receive money from the social network. One of the ideas that the company is discussing is that consumers get cryptoLight when they see ads – something like loyalty points we know from other traders.

The sellers themselves will also get a good deal – Facebook promises to remove the fees that banks and companies such as Visa and Mastercard will receive in all purchases.

Facebook is changing its applications - that's how they look

Facebook is changing its applications – that's how they look

Some will be available today, others in a few months

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