Wednesday , January 19 2022

Eye of obscure witnesses: I've been shooting for a long time on the streets of Plovdiv, but I had never seen such a miracle! (Photographs / VIDEO) – BLISTER


Plovdiv's minibus driver has made a maddening move to avoid clogging the Freight Station, writes.

An incredible witness has managed to hold the way the driver of the PB9156KH registration number makes a left turn after passing the other vehicles on the right beam.

"I've been on the streets of Plovdiv for a long time, but I have not seen such a miracle." Chinno stays in the extreme red stripe on the right hand side of the railway station crossing the top morning when a queue minibus receives fax from space and with dirty gas and a black smoke sphere fighting up the side and driving away without pedestrians to survive three cars.

You probably think it will make an accurate turn in the pocket on Hristo Botev Blvd. But what a surprise to the whole tail when the "man" is like a dazzling goes back to Nichcho Tsanov Blvd between the cars and with a soft move making a left turn. I do not know if the traffic police have given a penalty for such an offense: turn the left of the pavement to the right hand side! Simply without words! ", The Writer of the man who shot the video.

This video is here!

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