Wednesday , March 3 2021

Drugs scandal CSKA shake! |

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A conditioning coach & CSKA, Thomas Neubert, was involved in the scandal of a British football shaking drug scandal.

A German expert was accused of having been involved in drugs in the Grand Prix Stewart when he was working there.

The inquiry is Gazeta Sporturilor newspaper.

The newspaper says "blue-red" players did not use unauthorized money at Neubert's time.

"It was about training methods in Steaua and there was a lot of lies, and I had fun with the tips of the yellow bags that the team's football players wear, so they could not be confused by the players, it is advisable to be used by players during a game. Our physiotherapist gave that flu after the games He 's curious to give during a game as he It's ridiculous for me, "said Neubert in an interview with Digi Sport, quoted by Meridian Match,.

"I can say that I have never used to cover EPO (erythropoietin) I am not a doctor and I can not prescribe medication and injections. I'm calm, I have nothing to hide. I know what I am do it to restore the players and I've shown it at Steaua, at Al Hilal, in CSKA, and I feel that Regekampf is all right, and I'm a Radu and insects. "

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