Thursday , May 26 2022

Dow fell almost 600 points due to Apple ::


Dow fell almost 600 points due to Apple

Photo: Reuters

The blue chip index Dow Jones Industrial Average 599 points fell Monday after a sharp decline in Equity Apple, the appreciation of the US dollar, and the continuing global trade concerns that have led to the feelings of investors, CNBC reported.

The Technological Indicator Nasdaq Composite he wrote 2,8 of his / her worth and to return to the correction area where he agreed for the first time in October.

The wider index S & P 500 which ended with a 1.4% reduction after the financial sub-sector was pressed, mainly due to Goldman Sachs.

When trading late, core indexes came to hit the bottom for the day after Bloomberg News reported that White House was issuing a new draft law on car duties. General Motors shares traded 0.5 per cent down the news.

Book Apple has dropped more than 5% left Holdings Lumentum, which produces Surface Detection technology iPhone, has reduced its prospects for the second financial quarter of 2019 Lumentum Alan Low said that one of the company's biggest customers has asked her to "reduce the substantial supply" of her products. Lumentum shares dumped by 32%.

Poor performance Apple pressing on the wider technology sector. Shares of The Alphabet a Amazon a decrease of 2.7% and 4.3% respectively. Book Amazon also trading near the sword land as their price has fallen by around 20% compared to a 52-week peak.

Sub – sector and S & P 500 were put into remedial territory after a 10% reduction in 52 years. Within the sector, almost 70% of shares are adjusted.

Price and General Electric a decrease of 7.2% and went short under the $ 8 mark, after Larry Kulp's Chief Executive reported CNBC, he thinks he is "urgent" to reduce part of the company's liabilities, adding that he intends to do so by selling assets.

The strong dollar Also weighing stocks because investors are worried about what will cause this to international international profits. The dollar index reaches a peak of 97.58 points – the highest level since June 23, 2017. The US currency is hitting one year high against the euro and Swiss francs.

Pris pounds decrease 0.91% to 1.2856 dollars, a the euro trading for just under pound – 0.8736 pence.

Regarding the raw materials markets, oil prices went back to red after selling out on local markets.

Future on Crude oil of the United States WTI 26 cents fell to 59.93 dollars in a barrel, falling even further on the land of the sword. The contract has not seen a decline for 11 days in a row since he started trading in New York more than 3 decades ago.

Future on Brent oil Brent they cut 22 cents of their price to $ 70.40 per barrel. On Friday, it reached its value of 70.18 dollars a barrel, its lowest seven-month price.

Aur It also has a downward trend and has dropped to a lower level in a month. The future of precious metal has finished down from $ 5.10 to $ 1203.50 the same time.

Today's bond markets did not work for Veterans Day in the United States.

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