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Documents Undo Artex Explanation about the deal with Tsvetanov


The basis of the new allegations is published as notarial acts, which "Anticorruption Fund" contradicts a formal explanation by Arteks lawyers about the deal for a Tsvetanov dwelling. "Anticorruption Fund" states " tin the notary act there is no description of property status ie. no price for furnishings or a higher finish of finishing work of the property on Elemag Street (transferred by Tsvetanov to Arteks), compared to the property of Latinka Street (acquired by Tsvetanov) t"At the same time, Artek lawyers of Penkov, Markov and Partners published a statement saying: "The flat on "Latinka Street" has just been built, while the two smaller flats, which were received back, are upgraded and are well furnished.and the ownership of the ideal parts of the land is also transferred to them. The above valuation factors (location of sites, completion rates and improvements) justify the equivalence of the objects to be replaced, so the anticipated compensation payment only considers the difference in the square of the sites. new (about 40 square meters – about 1280 EUR per square., which, given the subject and specificity of the transaction, is an additional payment at market level) ".

We pushed into a campaign before the election and this showed the trade-offs that are coming out right now. Why are things coming out now … t

According to the non-governmental property "cheaper" property Tsvetanov, ie its two apartments, which are given for the new to Arteks, have been replaced by a tax assessment (BGN 287,438.80) and immediately then sold to almost double This price is higher than the tax assessment with BGN 183 000. If at the date of sale the property is cheaper (with a total living area of ​​192.76 square meters in older building + 2 parking spaces is there & #) The yard to the building, with a total area of ​​33.32 square meters) cost at least twice the tax assessment, what was the real price of the more expensive real estate (240 square apartments + 33,40 square meters of anter room) t Its own elevator shaft + giant double garage with an area of ​​42,60 square meters) is one basement of the most luxurious residential buildings in Sofia, ask the Anti-Corruption Fund.
The "Anticorruption Fund" reminds that Tsvetanov has paid 100 000 leva and asks: "If the price is several times higher, would the payment not be higher?"

The NGO also asked another question about the deal: "As Arteks Engineering 2000-5 Ltd. has purchased the property at Latinka Street, who later bought Tsvetanov) for BGN 560 830 from Miryanovi (to sign – owners "Arteks"), what is the logic that replaces Tsvetanov on the same day, at a tax assessment price? "
According to the anti-corruption fund, the three transactions (1. Miryanovi sells Latinka property to Arteks Engineering 2000-5, 2. Arteks Engineering 2000, replacing the properties of Tsvetanov on Str. Elemag and Tsvetanov pay 100 000 BGN 3 Arteks Engineering 2000-5 sells to former GERB employee, Simeon Emilov Velkov and his wife acquired by Tsvetanovi's property on Elemag Street on the same day and hour, with successive numbers and with the same notary. These are clear indicators of pre-negotiated transactions rather than those based on market logic, which is the NGO's conclusion.

From € 1300 without VAT per square meter the price for flats on the first floor is up to 2000 euros with no VAT for the flats on the last floor.

"What is the life and legal logic of this triple transfer (two sales and reinstatement), instead of Miryanov to sell the property on Latinka Street to Tsvetanov and Tsvetanov to sell their property on Elemag Street to Velkovi? So what is the role? Arteks Engineering intermediary company 2000-5 in the relationship between Tsvetanov and its former sub-Velkov, especially given that the company was registered in 2013 and has no activity until the date of the agreement?
In the whole plan of transfer of property between three countries, is there any agreement that we can assume as "real and real price" as the parties have declared and signed with the signatures? ", They asked from the NGO.

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