Thursday , May 19 2022

Divna returned to the scene 9 months after the place disaster & Christine cried – Blitz


9 months after Divina killed her best friend, Christine Ilieva, in an accident, and returned to the scene again. The 21-year-old singer appeared for the first time after a charity concert event for very heavy teachers in Rousse's home town. On a temporary basis, Divna frozen her career predicted that Christine would improve. Only after the beauty was stabilized, the singer took his first commitment.

"Do not give the best to believe in yourself and it will be fine. Everything will be fine, I'll promise to you, because because I can be here with you and sing this song means it will be better ", turn to the audience at the Philharmonia Hall in the town of Divna Divna, weekend writing

After the accident, the relationship of both loves was cool. For two weeks after the event, turn off the Divna mobile phone. According to the friends of the young singer, she was in a very difficult mental state. The teenager has fallen to a nervous break when she learns what she has done to her nearest girlfriend. The singer stopped crying, and at night she could not blink because of the strain.

"What have I done? How will I live from now on?", a self-renowned performer who was afraid to contact her casualties and her relatives. One day before Easter, the "You Can not Stop Me" performer went to MMA, where a team of experts watched Christine's day and night badly. Divna agreed her visit to a model that accused him publicly to run away from the responsibility and not to have the courage to look for her niece. From the words encouraging by Isabella Gospodinova it became apparent that the family of Christine was disappointed to be unfair to Divna and lacked an interest in her boyfriend who was convicted of her.

"In whatever state you want what you have done, the condition of your" love "is much heavier. But she's fighting and she will not surrender," he wrote Christine's honor. His heart words worked soberly on Divna, who contacted the girl's relatives and, along with her parents, MMA arrived to see her injured girlfriend.

"Divna has disappeared, she is my girlfriend. If he was a taxi driver, it was different. I could be behind the wheel. We keep in touch with her, we are talking. My parents have also encouraged me. When they saw me in the hospital, my dad embraced Divna. The media have too much to attack. We both did not drink alcohol. We must be strong because life is an adventure. Whatever happens to you, you will be happy with happiness, "says Christine.

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