Friday , August 19 2022

Dimitar Penev in his typical style: We are a bit like Khoja Nasreddin and his ass


Honorary President CSKA Dimitar Penev said in his typical style what happened to the "Army" in the last few days.

"We have to go back many years – I was also a consultant, a competitor and a coach … The national team and CSKA Dimitar Penev are always waiting for the team." This team, the order, I have always been useful.

CSKA is one name and a European club team. You know the successes and how many competitors have passed – and the national trials. We have to keep these jobs. Trainers always have changes, but these steps need to be more serious. You see Luppho, you need to help get out of this foggy street quickly. Do you see that our championship is going hard – a fortnight is smooth, next week down. Like Khoja Nasreddin with the ass. Why walk, why is it rising? It's not going down, but up because it's rising.

Congratulations to the boys. This forced them to double and triple after we saw yesterday's results. Ludogorec drivers play below their level in the last three games. It is vital for CSKA to keep the front and show it in the next games that it will hold its name. There is an opportunity to fight. The troika is already in the tissue, to keep it. But ambitions for the championship always come.

I've also left. Even in the national team after the European and the journalists, and football fans have made me "Submit your resignation!". I call, "Five days left, you were. You're leaving me for five years and five days."

This is a personal aspect. He will not spoil his sympathy with CSKA where he was brought up as a child. Even 10% do not know what the occasion is. No surprise. It will remain in CSKA. There will always be sympathy. The wheel is rotated. You will see that the managers also ask me to be in the team. And Ljupco Petrovich to help with whatever he can. We will rely on young coaches. Let's finish the year, but let God take a step closer and harass the lead team, "Penev said.

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