Thursday , August 18 2022

CSKA wants to share with Dante Stypica


The team of CSKA can be shared with another player after Stanislav Manolev and Boris Sekulic. According to Meridian Match colleagues, the team mentor Lyuboslav Penev has stated that Red Reds, Dante Stipica, do not need to be protected.

El Goleador, according to El Goleador, has made no sense of having a expensive editor to goalkeeper, who has started the season just two or three games.

Due to this fact, at Lubo's request, Litex was returned to Slavi Petrov, which should be an alternative to Vitautas Cherniyaskas.

It is expected that Stypica will break with CSKA in the near future to find a team before closing a winter transfer window. Before Haidouc (Sharing) player did not even enter the "red" team for the first two matches in Spring in the First League.

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