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Companies Nissan also includes Renault funding at Carlos Gon's investigation


After Nissan Prime Minister Motor González was arrested in Tokyo on suspicion tax avoidance, company money misuse and financial mechanisms, The Nissan investigation is expanding and includes funding for the Renault-Nissan league, says Reuters sources.

The Japanese company has told the Renault board that there is evidence of possible abuse at Renault-Nissan BV, the company that runs the full-time Renault-controlled alliance operations. The announcement came from Nissan Hiroto Saikawa's CEO after the Japanese producer reported that the investigation had revealed Gon's contribution to Abuse.

At a press conference in Japan late Monday, Saikha noted three main categories of charges against Gon: inadequate reports of benefits; Inappropriate introduction of company investments and private use of assets & company. He did not give examples, stating the secret of the investigation.

The future blurred

Under pressure by the French government, who has 15% in Renault, Gonz, who is also chairman and CEO, has agreed this year to explore a closer union of businesses that would make synergies and secure deeper French interests and the "unfavorable" league.

The plan raised concerns in Tokyo. Nissan, which makes a year-on-year sales of 60% more than Renault, continues to be a younger partner by the type of share in the league – the Japanese company holds 15% of non-voting shares at Renault.

Financial Times sponsored that last night Gon has designed a Renault and Nissan merger from the front I arrested. But the board of directors of the Japanese company is against such a deal looking for ways to hi hi bloc. There are several members of bNissan Horde was expecting a bid in the coming months, he said before the release source close to the board Another source says that the merger would have happened "within months", and another said that it was considered an opportunity.

Renault and Nissan have their own shares. But Gon as the head of the carmaker's league and Nissan president have planned a complete combination to make the partnership "irrecoverable".

After arresting Gon, the board of directors of Renault allocate temporary vehicle controlthe company the second most important person in Aberystwyth hi – Chief Operating Officer Thierry Bolloré, who will have the same powers as Carlos Gon. The Chair of the Management Board becomes one of the leading Managers the French company Philippe Lagayet. Gon continues to be a headteacher Renault, said the company after an incredible meeting of its board.

Help from Tokyo

Due to the crisis situation that the Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi league fell, Japan expressed a willingness to work for stabilization her. Nissan told the media that she had suffered Gon's actions, considered to be one of the world's largest car leaders, and intends to do that away from management.

"The Alliance is a symbol of the French-Japanese industrial success and we will continue to support, "said a Japanese government spokesman on Wednesday, calling for a stable relationship between the three companies.

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