Sunday , August 7 2022

Catherine and Megan's mother lost her child


As we said earlier, Megan Marks gathered friends in New York for a party on the occasion of his baby's birth.

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Amal Clooney and Serena Williams held the party in the Manhattan luxury hotel room. Appointed was Abigail Spencer's costume actress.

However, Megan Jessica's mother was not on vacation. Kate, the wife of Prince William, is not present in the party. She was on a family skiing vacation with a husband and she had three children.

Baby parties are an American tradition. They are not typical of the British royal family. Usually, the nearest friends of the mother who are wearing baby donations are invited.

The incredible five-day Megan Marcall stays in New York cost $ 500,000, identified by BTA, quoting Daily Mail.

Duchess Duchess has already returned to the UK with a private jet. Transport costs $ 250,000, while presenting in the expensive hotel room – $ 75,000 per day. From Kensington Palace on Monday, the tour was privately funded.

Megan Markel, 37, is expected to be born at the end of April.

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