Saturday , January 22 2022

Bulgaria in the third round of Euro20 round with the help of the Serbs and Albanians – World Football – Euro 2020


Ultimately, the national team of Bulgaria will be placed in a third better, not fourth, in the European Qualification Award, which will be drawn on December 2 in Dublin.

The third urn allows us to have some more comfortable competitors in the Competent Group.

It therefore helped not only the good performance of our second ranking in League C, Group 3 of the Nations League but also some important results from the last day of the tournament groups.

Our support remained mainly from two games and they received from Serbia and Scotland.

Serbs should not lose points at home against Lithuania and did that with a clear 4: 1.

The Alban and Israel should not end with each other, because this is not the taste of us, and the pipes succeeded in winning 3: 2, although the Israelites scored first and finally in the game.

The ten-tenth teams will be divided into ten Dublin Drawing Groups, with a European rating first in each group. Teams with whom Bulgaria certainly going, i Slovakia, Turkey, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Serbia, Norway, Israel, Romania, Hungary.

In the first two urns in the draw the strong teams will be Portugal, the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Croatia, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Iceland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, Wales and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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