Tuesday , August 9 2022

Borisov has asked Tsvetanov to leave parliament


According to her, on Thursday, March 28, there will be a meeting of the GERB Executive Committee and the fate of Tsvetanov will be officially decided. In Veleva's words Boyko Borissov was very angry that Tsvetanov had begun a campaign in his defense factions squad in GERB to send statements "Tsvetanov is innocent".

Making flats for celebrities in political and social life is not over. The next chapter belongs to a woman who … t

He reminded the journalist, known by the nickname Madame V., that Tsvetanov could not leave Parliament if he did not ask for it and was not "convinced" to ask for it. Veleva is definitely this time that "Sharing, we do not give you", will remember the case with Delyan Dobrev. Madame V. also believes that Borisov's actions were "completely adequate" and that "Apartmentgate avalanche" would not be if Tsvetanov did not go to the United States. She is also in a situation that Borissov is not threatened internally by resistance that will cause problems, although the prime minister has devoted himself to foreign policy activity in the last year or so, while Tsvetanov builds "party" during that period. "In GERB, only one is indispensable and this is Borisov," said Veleva, who described the "feeling wrong" as the feeling that Tsvetanov could create a second power center in GERB.
You 're cleaning the party, it' s not swept under the carpet – you have a problem, you have a sick condition, you're cleaning the disease at once, you You cleaned this body, "Veleva said, reminding that Borissov and Tsvetanov have a strong friendship. t She also said everyone from GERB, who went into politics without money, had to be hung in the corridors so they wouldn't forget where they were leaving.

The scandal is growing, said former Head of Irrigation Systems Georgi Harizanov, who had not failed to protect President CPONPI Plamen Georgiev and how his apartment was Geo Milev in Latinka, Frognews material took Georgiev's property prices, and anywhere in the article, Latinka was said to be some property, and one is said to be 250 meters of Latinka,). Harizanov also does not see the scenario with Tsvetanov being burned by his inner opposition.
Harizanov and Veleva agreed that Tsvetanov had the element of "trading with influence" – due to the project "Golden Age" Arteks, opposite Hotel "Marinella" in the Lozenets metropolitan area. However, Kharizanov Tsvetanov defended that the amendments to the Spatial Development Act January 25, 2017 did not have an impact back, but "some Deputy Minister" Deputy Regional Minister Valentin Yovev) was interpreted for the "Golden Age" project.

Borisov now moves: Will Tsvetanov go away? Or will he reprimand him? Or will it fall? His decision relates directly to another decision … t

We remember that Harizanov was the director of state enterprise "Irrigation systems "and was beaten by metal pipes 5 years ago. Harizanov was investigated for a disadvantageous deal, injuring Irrigation Systems – for ending an unprofitable agreement with metal pipes to an end, damaging the company with BGN 560,000 but denies the burden of beating is associated with "Irrigation Systems".

Otherwise, the name Harizanov was in early 2012 following the flood disaster in the village of Biser. He then told the media about the state of the dams, which prompted public interest in it. At that time, his education was questioned because of a diploma which was not won – after a question in Parliament 7 years ago at the then National Assembly, MP for BSP Peter Kurumbashev on Harizanov's qualification, as the question was for the Minister Agriculture Miroslav Naydenov at the time said. However, Harizanov himself claims to have a diploma from Denmark College in Sofia. It was also clear that in 2005 Harizanov received a two-year sentence with a three-year probationary period and a fine of BGN 1,000 in a preliminary case. According to Harizanov himself, he received a conditional sentence when he was 19 years old. The driver then reached his car and the man did not have "Civil Liability", and Harizanov wanted to be damaged expensive for his car and so he was asking for money from the perpetrator, which resulted in a conditional sentence for racing.

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