Thursday , August 11 2022

BNT's beautiful leader rejected Italian marriage because … – Stunning – Lifestyle, style, diets, fashion news


Cheshmedzhieva Dobrina Broadcaster is a tough and sometimes character quite faster than men. However, there are enough admirers from around.

Recently, however, the referee's leader has reached the extreme – she has rejected a marriage and has returned the circle to her Italian sweetheart, who has a novel of a year, says the weekend weekend tablet.

As it is born on Friday 13th and illuminated on numerology, the poop leader has calculated that, with the beloved Booth, they will not be happy if they come together in the Chinese Bee Year . She made this prophecy tell her directly to her that she prefers to remain a woman for free, at least now.

The hot blood man was deeply disappointed, and Prize prisoners – really, at age 45, continued to postpone a marriage. Although he has a serious image and is leading a heavy artillery show at the National Television Bulgarian, Dobrina has a man's glory. The long knight did not suffer one or two passionate but short adventures, and even acquired a sexy tigress image that continued to attract men as a magnet.

Although she looks pretty in love with the Italian, she has been disappointed for a while, rejecting a nest in her country. When the circle returned, he hoped to prove it if he was ready to wait when he decided that she was time for her more serious commitment.


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