Thursday , May 19 2022

Blackmail one or "gold merchandise"


One of the "ferched aur" and native rhythmic gymnastics – Christiana Todorova celebrates her 23th birthday.

She was part of the Ensemble who won bronze medals at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Christiana is no longer in her active career and acts as a judge

But she recently admitted she had been abused. Her student account has been hacked and money was asked to return.

Photo: Instagram

"A few days ago, I had a profile hacked, I had not blocked anyone, I did not delete my account for the purpose, a group of hackers came in and broke my account, then contacted me, I wanted worthwhile, throw me money, and a threat to me. If you're connected to anything that is related to updating or making any changes to instrame.I have had to make a new profile, so friends who want follow them back to me under the username hristiana.todorova, "wrote Hristiana Todorova.

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