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Balakov was an exemplar player, and now he also gave Etter his beloved


Krassimir Balakov has always been role model in football. Reference. We're talking about his football career here or in Germany. Whilst all of it has been done as one of the stars in our 90-year-old national memorable team, Bala has been hosted by all the experts, no exception, defining a figure for Bulgarian footballwithout which he would lose a huge, substantial part of his splendor.

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Balakov was "the Brazilian Bulgarian" in the United States, and in Stuttgart organized a farewell game, and everyone still remembers in Germany with good feelings. Under the sounds of "Time to say goodbye", with the double walls having risen in front of the objectors' objectors, stable performances, etc., Bala said "fun" to the game big.

But his professionalism and his classification continued to exist. I still gave them a trainer. In our utmost reality. As he split in an interview with TOPSPORT – because of that way – with proven names, who choose to return to Bulgaria after they have stayed abroad.

Krassimir Balakov in front of TOPPORT: He came back to Bulgaria because I worried about our football, the memories of "Park de Princes" continue forever

Balakov before Topsport: I returned to Bulgaria because I worried about our football, the memories of Parc de Priés are waiting for ever

"It's not possible for things to happen in a distance, just with fairy tales, much work to do"

Etar is a different team. We remember the composition, almost in the same reality, with some of the current competitors before arriving at Balakov. Now Veliko Turners has changed completely.

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Some critics mentioned that team He achieved great results in preparation is the fruit of the opportunity. And in the previous round of the First League, and today – against Beroe, however, Etter showed a sense of self-esteem, a great character, finding it hard to last minute about the point in game, although he was waiting with a man less in the 39 minutes of the game.

He spent Beroe Eter with 1: 0

Beroe who has little success against Etar, the guests played over 50 minutes with a smaller person

Kambourov's goal scored everything in the game

Alexander Tomasch received after the conclusion of the meeting was that this was a completely revised constitution. There were times when Beroe was under threat. Of the remaining 10 athletes only on the field. Kambourov also noted progress in the performance of the Veliko Tarnovo team. Balakov was worried that Etar did not get to the point and what was the victory in the game. And he was not in a hurry to point out that the result had been different in a completely correct opinion. But the judges and their work are a different topic. Once they are gradually rated in Eurotour games, they're all right.

Krassimir Balakov: There are tenders for some teams in Bulgaria

Balakov: There are tenders for some teams in Bulgaria

"Smaller teams do not qualify"

The point is what it was Ethan mentality. What was the behavior of the team's players? There was no long dispute over the second yellow Vassilev card. Although the repetitions show that it was not quite deserving. There was no sense and noise after this situation. Yes, Balakov left the bench unhappy during the break, but who would not be angry?

However, everyone's behavior was professional. And by the last minute they were holding their opponents under pressure, and if it had not been for Bodies soon before the end of the game, Etter would have deserved equality.

Due to the hearts of the game and the experience of the players in the team. Those who do not behave like this compete for a club with a "medium" ambition. And they have what contributed to the tremendous career of their famous coach – The winner's self esteem.

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