Monday , November 30 2020

Asen Blatecka is ill with health? – Gossip

Asen Blatechki often had a health condition, revealing his colleagues.

During the exercises, the artist began the rest of the actors with their heavy sighs, and he was urgently needed to look for devices to measure the blood in the composition because he still complained that he did not feel well.

His blood pressure was higher than what was allowed, but the artist neglected the problem and he explained to him that he lived, he wrote bg.

As well as the theater scene, Assen also acts as a film producer. His second activity chose to be a Russian roulette, because of his projects Blatechki had tied with a number of banks, pulling back fatty credits.

The stress that will not be able to return the money in time loses everything and stays on the street, as it happened with a colleague, Vladislav Vergalla, who did not give him peace and immediately reflected his / her health and to appearance

Only in the past year was the old sexy, all the girls were wearing more than 20 pounds.

"I hit hundreds of fish! I've never been so fat!", Said the star. Bladechki has dropped a stum, walked alone and with dark shadows under his eyes. He returned to his old sub – cigarettes.

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