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: Antibiotics prevent us from allergies ::


Antibiotics stimulate severe allergies if they are often drunk and long. This applies to special preparation as well as a whole group. The more common is what is called. Cross allergy – in relation to antibiotics by a number of family groups.

Sometimes it's pretty intense, and if it does not help in time, one can be surprised and die. This was warned by Microbiologists in World Awareness Week on the Application of Responsible Counter Antibiotics.

"Antibiotics are acting on bacteria, not viruses, so they should not record themselves. When doctors prescribe them, they do so in order not to develop a bacterial infection, not to destroy & # 39; the firms, "said Professor Todor Kantardjiev, national consultant for microbiology and director of the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases.

With hundreds of percentages of safety, the long course of antibiotics can be destroyed not only parasites, but also destroys useful colonies of saprofftes – they need the intestines, the skin and the mucus membranes. And where there is no normal flora, a dangerous fauna appears. Dysbacteriosis contributes to cases of fungal lesions. So, if someone starts to suffer fungus on the legs and nails, the skin of his face dries and starts to cover, one of the reasons may be abusive with antibiotics. The destruction of bowel biocenoses due to these powerful preparations guarantees digestion problems. For this reason, it is taken with prototypes or in combination with yoghurt, we are sure to be from Lactus Bulgaricus or Kefir.

Among other things, preparations of different antibiotic groups can damage kidney tissues. They can adversely affect the nervous system, reduce the hearing, and reduce blood clotting. Finally but not least, antibiotics can interfere with the development of bones and joints. Many antibacterial preparations are definitely contrary to women and pregnant children.

More often and longer we take antibiotics, more often we become sick and longer we suffer, the microbiologists are unanimous. they recommend that the patient asks his / her antibiotic before giving him a strong medication. This will prevent the patient from being captured by a drug that does not help him, and then another one of the same types will replace it and thus lead to an oversight.

These drugs misuse can lead to resistance. From this point of view, they become dangerous because they can no longer destroy the bacterial infection.

According to World Health Organization data, there are only 33,000 people who die annually in Europe due to antibiotic resistance, as micro-organisms often resist the use of these drugs. Globally, their number has reached 700,000. If not, it is expected that this issue will take millions of lives by 2050. According to epidemiologists, it is a great challenge to persuade people not to use antibiotics at any cost in the coldest hits.

"In hospitals, patients prescribe antibiotics without avoiding contraception in hospital infection. This is true with at least 60% of the hospital from the first to the last day of the clinical path." This is by Professor Todor Kantardzhiev. His words really mean recognizing the wrong overuse. He noted that doctors rarely do antibiotic labels, which are considering what type of medication is needed for the disease. Here are the only drugs that cause permanent environmental results.

How can we take them safely?

Before you start taking the prescription antibiotics only, state that it has a wide range of micro-organisms and optimum applications for the time being. Usually, its price is higher. With these formulations, the highest concentration in the blood and organs and infected bacteria systems will be carried out for as short a short time as possible. They have low toxicity and a minimum side effects among children and adults.

In order for the treatment to be effective, drink the capsules with more fluid, but not with milk, fresh orange or grapefruit because they reduce their effect. It's a good idea to restrict the quantity and calories of your diet to keep the energy spent processed to go to the casual agent. 30-40 minutes before taking the medication, eating yoghurt or drinking a cup of kefir. You can also take a probiotic. In this way, you will save the beneficial microorganisms in the stomach flora. It's good to stick to the prescribed prescribed timetable. If you need to take other medicines, you must specify the combinations and the media between the treatments with your doctor. Forget about alcohol during the procedure. It can neutralize the effect of the drug or lead to side effects. If you have developed an allergy during previous treatment with an antibiotics or other medication, tell your doctor to evaluate the treatment you are taking.

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