Friday , January 22 2021

After being surprised by doctors and police finding an injured child – Blitz

The police and the doctors in Lom are thrown into stars and panic after finding an unknown body at the head of a child, reporting

On February 2, a 14-year-old boy walked with friends on Sofiyska Street in the Mladenovo area of ​​the town of Danube. At the junction with "Saglasi" Street, the child suddenly felt burning under the time. When he came home later with the night, the boy noticed a blood under his sink and shared with a mother, but did not come to a medical facility.

The next day, about midday, the child felt pain again under the beard, and at this time she went to the mother of the Crisis Center at Lom. After the review, the boy was in hospital. Doctors found that there was an overseas body of less than one centimeter under the skin, origin and type that could not give a sound opinion. When expressing the parents, the child is spelled and transported by the "Dr. Stamen Iliev" hospital in Montana, where he will have an operation.

Most likely, it is about gun dogs or other bullets for air weapons. It may not be known that someone has shot a child or another target, but after a ricochet has fallen to the child's peat.

The administrations filed a police signal for the case and an investigation started. Pre-trial cases have been started, says the Interior Ministry.

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