Sunday , November 29 2020

A massive disaster stimulates a blood blood center in Vratsa

Suicide shook Vratsa. Today, a former state-of-the-art SOD technician has tightened.

At the end of his life, Angel Dimitrov Angelov, 70, who worked over 20 years ago in the police at Vratsa, has put his disk with a pistol, BulNews writes. According to unofficial information, he attacked the back yard behind a block on Heol Ivanka Boteva, not far from an administrative court building, where there is an apartment.

There is enough blood on the site, and it is expected that the BCC team will arrive at any time to wash the plate.

After leaving the MoI system, Angelov went to live in England with his family. From time to time, he came back to Vratsa and at that time he chose to finish his life. At present, no information has suffered from incredible disease.

The case is followed by a criminal investigation by the Divisional Police Directorate.


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