Thursday , February 25 2021

A man went to rape a woman Plovdiv, and threw a car, and then … – BLITZ

A young man was trying to rape a 34-year-old girl in Kurshiyaka. The attack happened days ago, he wrote

The wife worked in a feast house in the North Wales area. Minutes before 6 o'clock in the morning, the facility became inadequate. He started arrogantly with the seller, using syncism and fragile tips about him. The Bulgarian girl asked him to leave straight away, but he attacked her and tried to rape her, with her relatives in front of our correspondent.

He pulled his clothes, grasped his hands, and even touched her. The wife refused, and she successfully made her efforts to successfully deliver the abuse assault. Noting that its intentions are not fulfilled, the stranger escaped in an unknown address.

The victim called the police as well as his relatives. Along with clothes and relatives, he went to a third area to file a complaint. And here she was surprised! Minutes after entering the building, the wife saw her assailant.

"Here we are! This is the man who attacked me," said Plovdiv's wife in the third RUP corridor.

"He pointed out to him, it was inadequate. The police attacked him and took him away. My daughter was very distressed, she was not alone," said the injured mother.

He turned out those minutes after the attack on the woman Plovdiv, the man continued his series of defects. On a nearby street, between blocks, a car crash crashed. He broke the vehicle's glass, and opened and … lay to sleep. Those who lived in close co-operation did not ignore the strong accident. People went out on the terraces and saw what was happening. A signal was sent to the police, and the costumes came to the sleeping man. I hated and took him to the area. He was there that he was facing his victim again.

The man was taken in a cell. Within hours of waking up, the young man did not even know where he was. He turned out that he was dead and did not know what was happening. He did not remember anything last night – not the assault nor the car crash.

The assault is 23 years old from Kardzhali. He was in the city beneath party hills with his brother. In the same night he used a lot of alcohol in an evening club, and in the morning he got himself in the panichere.

The man was kept for 24 hours after retention. A fast burglary was launched in a vehicle against it. At the same time a case has filed for her attempt to rape.

The wife has visited a doctor. Research has to do and forensic expertise has to be prepared. The victim's family is definitely responsible for the man's responsibility.

"We're worried that this man can come back again. It's free, what if she is attacking her again? If she finished or would she also attack her, her family? She is so fear that she 's scared to go out to the street. Go to the job too! ", Share victim's relatives.

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