Monday , January 18 2021

A driver pulls out and hitchhikers at Smolyan – Crime Crime

Offenders from the Divisional Police Headquarters in Smolyan kept a 41-year-old man from Asenovgrad in custody, stolen Rhodopian 70-year-old after he threatened his threats, announced the Interior Ministry.

The elderly man from the village of Oryahovets, a borough of Banite, had a love in a car of Asenovgrad. At 4 km from a fork to Smolyan village of Momchilovtsi and Banite village, the driver stopped, pulled out of the trunk, then threatened the elderly man and took 130 leva police.

Operational search events were taken immediately. Police officers detained it in the petrol station area of ​​the Oostol area.

Asenovgrad, 41, was driving the car after drinking alcohol. In addition, the driver was found to be inappropriate. Work on clarifying the cause continues.


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