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A bloody crew in a Dupnitsa game ended with a hospital and a arrest

Mele and a strong fight during the game between the Samuranovo village team Sokol Dupnitsa and the new team of Dupnitsa FC Marek 1919 sent to the son of a former Marek son of the star of the Roman Karakolev team – Georgi and two players in charge of the RUP – Dupnitsa, writes

The fight was held in the light of 200 audiences and deputy, the chairman of the Municipal Council in Dupnitza Yonko Gergov. About two months ago, Karakolev Roman and his sons, Georgi and Vassil, created another team, another for the current FC Marek, who plays with rural groups. In the Sunday game, the Dukuncians lead 2-0 in the first half. After the break, the samurai scored a goal at the Marek door in 1919 and crashes the melee. There are five police patrols in Dupnitsa and an ambulance at the Crisis Center in the city arriving at the site. G. Karakolev was taken to the surgery in the urban hospital. Sikol, Mikhail Alexandrov and deputy, proprietor of the artwork workshop, Kiril Angelov were arrested for 24 hours at the Dupnitsa area development office. The Struma reporter went to the hospital room with G. Karakolev.

Here's his version of the beating: "I have a feeling that the assault has prepared. I watched the game, of course, there were emotions, but I did not press anybody The Sokol team plays FC Marek's coach and other team players playing. FC Marek's leaders were observers of the game. Sokol's goalkeeper, Kiril Angelov, was suddenly trying to hit me and started hitting him ben.

From there, the opponents of the team opposed me in the middle of the field. Ranger Mikhail Aleksandrov kicked, shouting, "Come here, I've been waiting for you." It was scary, just out of the stadium. They would beat me. Mikhail Aleksandrov picked me in her legs and stomach. This has not had any trouble and mumps that I had not seen on the field. I've been a football referee for 11 years, but I have not seen such a thing. In an attempt to protect me and dad, R. Karakolev has taken her fist in her face. I'm in hospital with three ribbed ribs, a fall behind one ear and hematoma on my legs. I am a lawyer according to a profession and I will prosecute my beggars.

I know that someone pays the teams we play to hit us on the field, but I can not prove that. A fan of a team shot the moment, but one of the security guards has turned his hand and the phone has dropped and cut, "he told the horror that he had lived, G. Karakolev, but he did not want to be taken on hospital bed. Struma's correspondent also asked the other position – the chairman of Sokol FC – the village of Samoranovo, the borough of Dupnitsa, Georgi Gradevski, known by the surname of Konuna. his version of the game during the game:

"Georgi Karakolev was in the audience during the game. He was constantly flashing the goalkeeper of Mikhail Alexandrov, not only he. He has another brother and another brother. Their mother was in the audience and listened Mr Karakolev 's fight, Mikhail was tired of scrambling and blowing on G. Karakolev. It was a scent that caused the scandal, and they were overweighted on his part. At half a time, I told our players not Trying a challenge, just to watch what happened on the field. I'm not an aggressive fan. Instead of having a cup of coffee and beer, let's talk about it, fight and surprise.

We play for pleasure and we do not want to win big victories, "said G. Gradevski-Konana. Struma's correspondent was contacted by telephone and with the observer of the BFU, lawyer and deputy Chairman of the Municipal Council at Dupnitsa Yonko Gergov. His position as an observer of the game is: "A football player who worked as a coach at Marek was Marek's competitor in 1919. Georgi Karakolev transmitted temporarily to Sokol football player and became boring. The Sokol goalkeeper for G. Karakolev, followed by footballers and about 20 people from the audience. Everyone dropped on G. Karakolev.

He ran away from the stadium, the footballers and a part of the audience ran on. In one of those directly to the stadium may Karakolev be beaten. I took the judges out of the stadium and got them in their car so they would not attack them in the gap. There is a complaint that FC Marec, 1919, who had taken a shot in the field, had broken an arm, guarding security when shooting, and breaking his phone.

Five police cars arrived, drawing the tension quickly. The goalkeeper and the backup player who started initially attacked may be punished not to play a few games, "said Yergov. The ODMWR's Density Department announced that both prisoners punished by the Decree in tackling small harassment, directed to not participate in hwligency during sports events. One of the prisoners, Kiril Angelov, was three years ago he was punished for inappropriate behavior during a game in the village of Ovchartsi, the Sapareva Living area.

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