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90 years since the birth of Audrey Hepburn: 8 unknown fact


Hollywood grandmother, Audrey Hepburn, would be 90 years old today. It is called a fashion icon, admired by the whole world. Today we present 12 unknown facts about the actress:

1. Audrey is one of 14 artists Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony.

2. Speaking 5 languages ​​- English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian

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3. Hepburn is not the first choice by author Truman Capote for the leading role in Tiffany Breakfast. He wants the star in the show to be Marilyn Monroe. She refuses, however, because the role is too frivolous.

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4. Audrey is inward looking. In 1953, he said in an interview with Life Magazine: t

"Often I need to be on my own, and I am very happy when I can stay on my own from Saturday to Monday, so I'm loading."

5. We start dancing for 5 years. By 1944 she was already a professional ballerina and danced in small shows that raised money for Dutch opposition.

Audrey Hepburn's husband, Mel Ferrer

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6. Her parents sympathized with Hitler and were members of the British Fascists Union.

7. He got a pet from the name Pipin. When filming the Green Village, she is advised to take the animal with her to get used to it. So he even learns to follow her to the supermarket.

Photo: Getty Images / Guliver Photos

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