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With the government and Congress in crisis, Guedes loses the Chamber hearing t


The Minister for Economy, Paulo Guedes, cleared the way to the Commission for Constitution and Justice (CCJ) Chamber of Deputies. The minister was expected to attend on Tuesday (26), starting at 14 o'clock, to talk about pension reform and the army retirement scheme. Guedes prefer to appear only when the rapporteur of the proposal is defined in the committee.

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In a statement, the Ministry of Economy said that "going from the Minister of Economy to CCJ will be more productive of the definition of the rapporteur." President Jair Bolsonaro's assistants would have advised Guedes to be absent. They believe, without rapporteur, that there is no climate for the minister's explanations. In the face of the rebellion of leaders against Planalto Palace, the Social Security reform and the minister himself could be a target of much criticism.

Welfare reform follows prevention

As a result, the pension reform is still unchanged. It was expected to start processing last Wednesday (20), when the bill was introduced changing the Armed Forces retirement rules. But MPs were unhappy that the government had upset military pressure and proposed a career restructuring that will abolish gains from changes in the retirement rules of the category.

Soldiers win arm wrestling with an economic team, but undo Congress

The Economy Minister was then invited to attend CCJ to give further explanations. The hearing will be held on Tuesday from 2:00 pm until 6:00 p.m. But during time, he decided to unveil the meeting. His involvement was to be organized on the official agenda. The rationale is that it only goes when a project rapporteur is appointed to the CCJ. MEPs, for their part, say that they will only have rapporteurs when the minister goes to the committee.

Consequences in Congress

The government was disillusioned, and independent party leaders to President Jair Bolsonaro had expressed a boycott in the debate with the minister. "It's better not to come even. We had already suggested this last week," said leader PP Arthur Lira (AL) told the report.

Other leaders, such as the PSDB and PR, were also celebrating, behind the curtains, canceled Guedes participation. These acronyms, which are not part of the government's support base, complain about the political expression and dialogue between the Congress and the Planalto Palace.

Special secretary of Social Security and Labor of the Ministry of Economy, Rogate Marinho, will replace the minister at CCJ meeting. But without Guedes, the meeting could even be canceled.

House opposition leader Alessandro Molon (PSB-RJ) said the objective was to listen to the minister's arguments to approve the PEC (Proposed Amendment to the Constitution) which is tightening the r t retirement rules.

Molon had filed an application to call Guedes. The government allies only got one invitation to the approved Minister of Economy, ie he does not have to attend the hearing. But Molon now wants to cancel the CCJ meeting scheduled for Tuesday afternoon. "If it doesn't come, it has no session."

The Senate is trying to score with Guedes since the beginning of the month

The Senate is also trying to mark with Paulo Guedes hearing since the beginning of the month. Twice the minister said he could not attend the Economic Affairs Committee (CAE) on other agendas.

However, the CAE was able to organize an audience with the minister for this Wednesday (27), according to the official Senate agenda. The main agenda is the financial situation of the United States, but other issues like Wellbeing must also be tackled. So far, the minister's advice has not confirmed that he is going to Parliament.

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