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With blood thirsty, Laura turns killer and love Sampaio · TV news


The author Aguinaldo Silva will transform the beloved character of Yanna Lavigne as a murderer in the next chapters of The Seventh Guardian. Laura will order Gabriel's death (Bruno Gagliasso) and will go to bed with Sampaio (Marcello Novaes) after the application has been attended by the henchman. The case that has been ruined with the clerk, as well as the crime against the magic fountain guardian, will be kept confidential.

Olavo (Tony Ramos) will not be aware of the attack on the good man, but the millionaire will pay the duck. He will be accused of being the assassin after the José Loreto and Luz (Marina Ruy Barbosa) to prevent Marcello Novaes's character from “finishing” the service.

Sampaio will commit a second attempt to the young man in hospital where he will be in hospital. Gabriel will be in a coma after being shot to the door of his house during a mess that will lead to the invasion of the secret source.

The scene that Laura commands to do everything to murder her ex-soldier will fly on the next day 3 in the novel of the nine. The episode ends with Gabriel falling and wounding. In the continuation, the public will see the patricinha return the crime with kisses.

Sex as a reward

"I did things right, it shouldn't be over today, where is my reward?" The driver said seductively. "You want a kiss, will you?" The bride has to leave asking, getting into her game.

"I did my part, I deserve it, now Gabriel suffers there, you felt our pleasure," he said the murderer to Olavo's daughter.

"You know what? You're fine," said the girl before giving a second kiss to the matador. Then the couple will wake up together in bed. "God, I fell asleep in your room, Sampaio, if my father keeps me here," said Laura.

The maid will knock on the door to warn Sampaio that Olavo wants to talk to him. "See what my father wants!" "And taking Dida out of the way, I want to go back to my room without anyone seeing," said the little fellow. "I love when you give me orders … It gives me a will not to obey," encourages Sampaio.

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