Saturday , January 22 2022

With a new refusal, Jair feeds Carille's shadow on Corinthians


Jair Ventura trainers have been banned by the officials of the director's directors to the president for the 2019 season. However, the poor performances are in the final of the season, without & The captain gave a reaction to the team, leaving his position fragile. This happened again against Atletico-PR, a closing new hit feeding coach to the trainer: Fábio Carille, the current manager of Al Wehda from Saudi Arabia.

Future Jair in the duel against Atlético-PR (Photo: Geraldo Bubniak / BID)

Future Jair in the duel against Atlético-PR (Photo: Geraldo Bubniak / BID)

Photo: LANCE!

All clubs like this. Each very successful trainer ends when the doors open when he wants to return. In the case of Carille, the homes are bigger because the memories are recent. In less than two years, he won three titles: two Paulista (2017 and 2018) and one Brazil (2018). Historical. Do you want more shelter than that?

Last week, President Andrés Sanchez traveled to Europe and the meeting ended with Paulo Pitombeira, Carille entrepreneur. In the conversation, the trainer's situation was mentioned and there was rapprochement, as there were raids during the Carille departure. That does not mean that he will return to the club in 2019, but there is something that could let Jair worry, although he will not remove it and keep the ball to & # 39 ; r board, the right position. In the Arena da Baixada, Corinthians even made an acceptable first half, with dramas working well. But it does not matter how big the team worries the opponent in the assault. In terms of determination, there is a lack of offensive power. Corinthians in recent years have not been a full creative team, but even the "small" of ancient times has been reduced. And back there, no matter how Jair is training and trains, the characters continue to come out in a similar way. This time, once again responsible for the corner, something had been coach to defeat the coach on a night before the games.

President Andres Sanchez and his peers continue to make sure they give Jair the opportunity to make a spare time and set up his team. It is possible. But with the football presented and the results that have been presented, it will be difficult for the current captain to remove the shadow of Dabble Carille.


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