Monday , July 4 2022

Wedding Carlinhos Maia and Lucas Guimarães reach nearly 1 million scenes at Instagram Enjoy


Carlinhos Maia and Lucas Guimarães were married to almost 1 million people on the Instagram.
Carlinhos Maia and Lucas Guimarães were married to nearly 1 million people in the Instagram (Picture: Reproducção / Instagram)

Carlinhos Maia's wedding and Lucas Guimarães, held on Tuesday afternoon 21, in Piranhas, were inside Alagoas, accompanied by nearly 1 million people on the Instagram. The broadcast was made on the official profile of the comedian, regarded as one of the most famous digital influencers in the world and with the most popular stories from the social network.

"Our whole life consisted of humor, and you always laughed at my joyful jokes." in an emotional statement.

The ceremony was held on the banks of the River Francisco and was valued at just over $ 1 1 million. All expenses were paid with disclosures on Instagram. The love birds allies, as reported by the columnist Leo Dias, cost $ 100,000 and he was given as a gift by Tirulipa, one of the black fathers.

The party's animation will be on behalf of DJ Alok and Wesley Safadão. Anitta and Simone, from the pair with Simaria, are among the godly jumps at the groom. Whindersson Nunes and Luísa Sonza, who were also godparents, canceled their presence at the event. In a statement, Sonza's advisers say that both had made the decision so that the comedian could continue to take advantage of his "restorative period" for treatment against depression.

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