Thursday , August 11 2022

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Huawei has managed to captivate the market with its smartphones. The unique features that these devices present reveal us from the competition at key points which are what consumers want. Now it's time to meet the production of Huawei P30, again in Paris.

That's why the expectation is high when arriving at the new Huawei P30. Again, the promise is something unique, which focuses on photography, as it is already a brand image of Huawei.

Huawei P30 Android smartphone event presentation

There are rumors after mushrooms and reveal that Huawei will have something completely different and innovative to present today. The P30 event will show everything brand prepared, revealing his mastery and his ability to innovate.

Follow the live presentation event in Paris

So, at 13 o'clock, the event where everything is revealed starts and we will have access to all the news. Follow the development and the news that Huawei has prepared for these new Android smartphones, two new tops range that want to change the rules of photography.

Here are two new mobile devices with a single purpose. To make this company a second largest smartphone manufacturer worldwide, power to be recognized and even more powerful in 2019. So we expect great news to hand Richard Yu. By the way, a Pplware is already on the site.

In this sense, we will have the greatest responsibility for the company to introduce the new Huawei P30. So, as background, we will have the city of lights, the eternal Paris that hosts the event once again. Now is our time to listen to the live event. Don't miss out on this promising presentation!

First look at the stage, as the audience comes, who already has a notorious expectation in the air.

It's time to meet the new Huawei P30

The company of the end is ready to introduce it to our new range tops. The setting already vibrates with enthusiasm before another great presentation. The platform has been installed and we are seeing Richard Yu, who is responsible for the brand's smart phones that are preparing his application.

Huawei P30 Android smartphone event presentation

The first emphasis was placed on artificial intelligence (AI) in the community service. In fact, what AI can do for the health and well-being of the population. Here we come to know Track IA technology, an ocular health monitoring tool.

However, the new smartphones have already been introduced! Next we can see the first images of the P30, as well as the P30 Pro in Richard Yu's hand.

We have Huawei P30 waiting for you!

Finally, you can also get a triple panel view of experts, today at 7 pm, PhoneHouse brings us the following panel. With the participation of Bruno Fonseca da Leak, Maria Inês Coelho do Pplware, as well youtuber Filipe Vision. In addition, we have Bernardo Bastos, the one who became Huawei's biggest fan, in the competition we had last week.

Huawei P30 Android smartphone event presentation

The presentation will take place live on PhoneHouse's social networks. So you can follow everything through the Twitter, Instagram as well as YouTube. By the way, during this live broadcast it will be offered Huawei P30 smartphone, so don't miss this opportunity!

Watch the live presentation event live


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