Friday , May 27 2022

Want to get the strong & # 39;  Famous on the Web


On Wednesday (14), in A Fazenda, Léo Stronda told the other crews on a game strategy used by Rafael Island. After the competition between the Terra Group and the Água Group, Léo said:Now he does not have any group, if he is a farmer at some point, he or she gives me, the Countryman or you on the farm ", he told João Zoli.

"He wants to take a strong courage. He does not even go to Luane anymore, you'll just see", completed Stronda. "If the test is physical, you'll give it a ball. It will not want to", says Luane Dias. "If you give the best to think, it will become more and more difficult for it. Well, it's always for me, the Sertanejo or Caique in the", says John.

According to the bodybuilder, Rafael will eliminate all the participants who are strongly public. "I think he's a test. He's scared because he knows he is now going in every area. He does not have friends", says Luane. "And he always goes with someone strong physically about the farmer's test", added Caique Aguiar.

In this week's field, Rafael Ilha, a farmer per week, concluded Luane Dias for canceling and winning an R $ 20,000 prize. So far, all of your actions are designed to suit competition.

Rafael Ilha in A Fazenda 10 (Picture: Reproduction / Record)

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