Monday , June 27 2022

Veterinary Hospital runs screening for prostate cancer in pets | from today


Manaus / AC – UniNorte Veterinary Hospital (HOVET) maintains, from Monday (19) to Friday (23), screening for the identification of prostate cancer cases in pet animals. The interested parties must attend the HOVET, at Jonathas Pedrosa Street, 1122, the Praça 14 de Janeiro area, with a photo identification document.

The service is directed to dogs and cats and will take place between 9am and 9pm. The student triage is conducted, with the accompaniment of the HOVET teachers and veterinary doctors. Patients will have a clinical examination, blood sampling to check their healthy status and receive a dose of vitamin complex to become stronger.

Animals requiring tests and other practices will be referred to the hospital. The hospital co-ordinator, Leni Porfirío, emphasizes the importance of the veterinary visit with the veterinary surgeon. "Only the professional will know if the animal has any problem or identify the best ways of preventing disease," he said.

Structure – HOVET was opened this year and it is the first of its kind in Amazonas, with a 24 hour surgery. On-site consultations are offered with veterinary exams, laboratory and imaging, as well as emergency and discretionary surgeries (non-emergency cases), by appointment.

The hospital has two surgical centers, two rooms for clinical care, four support rooms, laboratory, X-ray and ultrasound. More information about services can be obtained by contacting: (92) 3212-5454.

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