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Vcio in games can be an official mental disorder


The World Health Organization (World Health Organization) is due to decide this week whether the addiction to games will be included in the 11th edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD).

The decision will take place within a few days World Health Assembly, which happens in Geneva.

To describe it as Gambling disorder (Game chaos), the condition was included in the ICD-11 draft in 2018. In the documents, the game disorder was described as:

  • Managing a faulty game (eg start, frequency, density, length, end, context).
  • Give more priority to games, to the extent that the game would affect other aspects of life and daily activities.
  • Ongoing activity in games despite negative results

Still, according to ICD-11 draft, anyone who suffers from a gambling disorder has a pattern of behavior that affects our personal, social, family, educational, occupational and life lives. others.

The gambling industry (of course) and doctors believe that including the "gambling chaos" in ICD-11 could be more restless than helping.

According to Stanley Pierre-Louis, president of the Society of Entertainment Software: t

We believe that there is a need for ongoing conversation and education before any graduation.

Indeed, mental health experts have repeatedly warned that it could include a "gambling disorder" as there is something real ultimately increasing the risk of misdiagnosis for patients who need most help.

We hope that, through dialogue, we can help the WHO to avoid actions and mistakes that can take years to correct.

With the mobile gaming industry getting bigger and bigger – as well as popularizing titles like Fortnite, which have often been criticized for "encouraging violent behavior" (including even winning a bill for criminalization here in Brazil even) t – in fact, we cannot deny that the lack of parental control or guardians under the children's game causes concern and deserves attention.

If we stopped thinking, "game disturbance" would be nothing more than enforcementbasically, its inclusion in ICD-11 is a redundancy, after all, compulsion has already been listed for many years in the neurosis category.

At worst, this may be related to the pharmaceutical industry – t there is great criticism that many WHO analysts do: create new diseases to sell even more medicines.

Do you think that reliance on gambling should be classified as a specific disorder or that it fits into the generic classification of enforcement? Share your views with them All Cellular in the space below for comments.

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