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Understand how to contribute to the Pis-Pasep 2019 benefit


Understand how to draw back the Pis-Pasep 2019 benefit. PIS pay calendar started 2018-2019, 2017 base year, Thursday (17) January for private sector workers born in January and February. PIS is paid in Federal Caixa Econômica.

The Ministry of Labor estimates that more than R $ 2.8 billion will be paid to around 3.4 million workers.

According to the calendar, those born between January and June will receive PIS in the first quarter. In any event, the resource will be available to the employee until 28 June, the deadline for receipt.

The amount of the allowance varies from R $ 83 to R $ 998, depending on the time the individual was working formally in 2017.

Who has the right

You are entitled to the salary bonus, which has received, on average, up to two monthly minimum wages with a formal contract and worked for at least 30 days in 2017. You must be registered in PIS / Pasep for at least five years and obtain the updated employer data in the Annual Social Information Ratio (Rais), base year 2017.

Private sector workers withdraw money in Caixa Econômica Federal, and public servants in Banco do Brazil. You must submit an identification document and a PIS / Pasep number.

In the case of PIS, for those with our cash register, a 2 day payment will be made before the rest of the other employees. In the case of Pasep, the account receivable for the account holders of Banco do Brazil will be made from the 3rd business day before the start of each payment period.

The amount depends on the months worked

The amount of credit is related to the number of months worked in the previous year. Therefore, those working the month in year 2017 will receive 1/12 of the minimum wage. Those who worked 2 months will get 2/12 and so on. You will only receive the full amount that worked the full foundation year in 2017.

For example, if the period worked was 12 months, you will receive the full amount of the benefit, which is the minimum wage (R $ 998). If you worked for just one month, you will receive what is equivalent to 1/12 of the salary (R $ 83), and so on.

Income from PIS

According to Caixa, when the PIS is not withdrawn, the amount is included in the balance of the quotas. At the end of the financial year (June 28), after updating the balance, the profit will be available for withdrawal in the new calendar. Earnings vary according to the balance in the PIS account associated with the employee.

Know if you have the right and how to draw

To withdraw the PIS credit, the Citizen Card holder and a registered password can go to Caixa's self-service limits or to a lottery house. If you do not have the Citizen's Card, you can receive the amount in any branch of the Caixa, after submitting an identification document.

Information on PIS can also be obtained by calling 0800-726-02-07 from Caixa. The employee can still make an inquiry on the site www.caixa.gov.br/PIS, in an Inquiry Payment. For this you must have the NIS number (PIS / Pasep) in hand.

Public servants who are entitled to Pasep need to check that there has been a deposit. If this has not happened, they must search for an agency of a Brazilian Bank and issue an identification document. Further information about Pasep can be obtained by calling 0800-729 00 01, from Banco do Brasil.

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