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Under the potential shadow of Palmeiras title, Corinthians and Sao Paulo are facing "little"


Timão tries to score points to eliminate the risk of recovery, while Tricolor tries to get himself in Z-4

Corinthians and Sao Paulo are facing Saturday (10), in Itaquera, for round 33 of the Brazilian Championship, with a "small" goal of close to what Corinthians expect at the beginning; The season was for the current national championship team and later twice as a state champion, and Sao Paulans dreamed after the great performance in the first round.

Today, however, with the remaining six rounds for the end of Brasileirão, Timão, with 39 points and in the 12th site, it seeks to add points to avoid any danger of restoration. Already the Tricolor, the fourth position, with 57, wants to guarantee a direct place for the next edition group stage of Libertadores. In order to do things worse, Palmeiras is the archrival who is close to getting the title.

In Corinthians, many have changed year on year. After the title of Brazil 2017, there were important pieces of the heptacampeã team, the cases of Pablo, Guilherme Arana and Jô. Even unleashed to the highest, the team ordered by Fábio Carille to reach the title of São Paulo and beat Palmeiras in full Allianz Parque in the second game of the decision.

However, the party made in April gave an incredible and incredible team after new departures of key pieces of the starting team (Balbuena, Maycon and Rodriguinho) during the break for the World Cup and a little earlier Carille and a technical committee.

With Osmar Losing in care, Corinthians failed to engage with her. So, two months ago, Jair Ventura reached the goal of finishing the year well and is already working on the planning for the next season. However, even though he had reached the final of the Brazil Cup, he finished second and in the Brasileirao it was hard to find a team that could move away from the Z-4 .

Pedrinho Corinthians Cruzeiro Copa for Brazil is final according to 17102018
(Photo: NELSON ALMEIDA / AFP / Getty)

As a result, part of the crowd has already caught on Jair Ventura and even the board, which admits that there are shortcomings in the cast, and it no longer guarantees the continuation of the coach.

On the other hand, Sao Paulo came from a worrying season that fought against a refusal and the forecasts in the first few months of 2018 were also not good after the early interventions in the Brazilian and South American Cup, except Paulistão for the Corinthians himself in the semifinal already with Diego Aguirre who arrived in March for the place to dismiss Dorival Junior.

Despite the inconvenience of the fans, Aguirre was able to adapt the team and even the most irresponsible in organizing the team, recovering important pieces such as Diego Souza and reaching Brazilian leadership with a great performance in the first half the competition.

Nenê overcomes São Paulo's chance
(Photo: Alexandre Schneider / Getty Images)

In return, however, the best team of the first half of the Brazilian Championship was reducing too much income, especially for feeling the Everton deficit and the fact that Nene is no longer determined. That fact, incidentally, made the bench shirt 10 in the last games.

Today, the reality of São Paulo is no longer fighting for the title and is now to get a place in the Libertadores next year. The fact that it is even worse in the fan when seeing who is next to be a champion is Palmeiras. With the remaining six rounds, the Allied team has 66 points, five more than the International leader and nine points against the Tricolor.

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